We all have stories. How many of us know the stories of fellow temple members? You may have chatted at Friday Kabbalat Shabbat or see each other every week on an Adult Learning Zoom screen, but how much do we all know about each other?

Board President Dr. Scott Levin discussed stories during his Rosh Hashanah speech and the theme has evolved into a new initiative we are very excited to launch! Over the next year, you will hear the stories of 18 members who participated in Volume One of telling us their stories!

Coming up are opportunities for everyone to submit some of their stories. Make sure to watch each video debut in the weekly E-Newsletter on Thursdays.

Phyllis Burg

Phyllis Burg, Temple Jeremiah member since 2001, tells us about her life, family, and her relationship with the joy of belonging!

Phyllis Burg (left)

Watch Phyllis’ Story:

Ellen Krupp

Ellen Krupp tells us about her life and her connection with Temple Jeremiah since joining in 1994!

Ellen Krupp

Watch Ellen’s Story:

Dr. Cory Franklin

Dr. Cory Franklin, Temple Jeremiah member and former Director of Intensive Care at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, tells us about his life, family, and his relationship with the joy of belonging!

Dr. Cory Franklin

Watch Cory’s Story:


Lucy Blutenthal

Lucy Blutenthal, Temple Jeremiah member since 1987, tells us about her life, family, and her connection to Judaism.

Watch Lucy’s Story:

Bill Brown

Bill Brown, Temple Jeremiah member since 1962, tells us about how he met his wife, worked toward a successful career, and enjoys his Jewish connection through Temple Jeremiah! 

Watch Bill’s Story:

Alissa Rogers

Alissa Rogers, Temple Jeremiah member since 2018, tells us about her journey to find Temple Jeremiah and some of her favorite memories along the way.

Watch Alissa’s Story:

A very special thank you to the Task Force who spent time reaching out to and filming the stories of these 18 marvelous participants,
Dina Bauwens, Julie Ford, Alene Frost, Ron Gieseke, Rabbi Rachel Heaps, and Dr. Scott Levin

If you would like to become involved in Tell Us Your Story, please contact Scott Levin.