Over the past year, telehealth has helped drive a reduction of missed doctor’s appointments, demonstrated increased care plan adherence, and improved chronic disease management. Access barriers that exacerbate healthcare disparities such as transportation, lost income, missed work and school, or the stigma of seeking help are greatly reduced or eliminated when telehealth is used. Patients are empowered to address care needs swiftly, preventing conditions from worsening and requiring unnecessary visits to urgent care or a hospital.

With this in mind, The Coalition to Protect Telehealth, a diverse group of Illinois healthcare providers, professionals, and patient advocates, supports the protection innovative telehealth approaches, so Illinoisans can continue to safely access critically needed affordable care beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

House Bill 3498 establishes a series of protections to ensure the benefits of telehealth can continue even after we return to pre-pandemic life. If you believe that option of telehealth service should be maintained indefinitely, we encourage you to contact your representative expressing your support for this bill.