September 2019

Dear Friends,

L’Shana Tovah to you and your family. As we head into the start of another program year, we want to inform you about the ongoing efforts to keep Temple Jeremiah a safe and secure community where all can experience The Joy of Belonging.

Thanks to a Homeland Security grant we received, we have been able to continue to enhance our physical security throughout the building. We have also, in conjunction with law enforcement, updated our operating procedures and have police present during times the building is open for worship and programs, in addition to our continued police presence during school hours.

To help us in keeping the temple a safe and secure environment, please be sure to wear your name badges throughout the High Holy Day season. There are more than 4,000 congregants and guests coming to worship and your name badge helps us identify all those entering our building.

In order to cover the costs of our ongoing efforts to maintain a safe and secure community, the board of directors has approved an annual Security Fee of $100 per household. The fee will be listed on your account as a separate line item from the Annual Commitment, School Fund, and Building Fund. One hundred percent of these funds will go towards continued police presence, additional physical security needs, and ongoing training for staff, lay leadership, and the congregation at large. On Sunday, October 17, at 10:00 am, we are hosting an Adult Learning session where we will discuss temple security. Representatives from the Department of Homeland Security, ADL/SCN and the Cook County Sheriff’s office will be presenting.

If you have any questions regarding the fee or security at Temple Jeremiah, please free to contact me, Barbara Miller, Board President, or Michael Schack, Vice President and Chair of the Building Committee.


Danny Glassman
Executive Director