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Jeremiah Gems: Sanctuary

gems_82b42bbb095f429615fb7e76e7983c7fAs we enter the Hebrew month of Elul — the month leading up to the High Holy Days — it is a time to reflect on the past year. This year, we will be using our new High Holy Day prayerbook (machzor) for the first time, entitled Mishkan HaNefesh, which translates to “Sanctuary of the Soul.”

In our “Jeremiah Gems: Sanctuary” series, you’ll read short reflections from members of our Jeremiah community, published daily during the month of Elul.


  • The Physical Sanctuary Space September 13, 2015 Daniel Glassman
    Unlike the majority of the individuals who have written about “sanctuary” throughout Elul and have touched on spirituality, their connection with family, or even the warmth of the holidays, I view sanctuary in a physical way. Part of my role here is tending to the physical sanctuary space that we gather in to learn and pray. As the congregation soaks ...
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