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Thank you to everyone who participated in Shabbat Across Jeremiah on September 8th! Over 70 of you enjoyed meals all throughout the area. Dinners were held in Highland Park, Deerfield, Northbrook, Morton Grove and Park Ridge! 

Some quotes from participants:

  • “We all had a truly lovely evening and we were blessed by the new connections we made.” 
  • “Everyone really enjoyed the evening, thank you.”
  • “Our kids are now best friends and can’t wait for a play date, this was great!”
  • “What a lovely evening.”
  • “We had so much fun, we’re so glad we participated.” 












 On Friday, September 8th, Temple Jeremiah congregants will gather for intimate, casual Shabbat dinners

at homes all across the North Shore to build community and share a beautiful meal.

Sign up to be a host or a guest; we’ll play matchmaker and ensure everyone has a home for this special evening.

Hosts will open their homes to congregants and serve a meal. Dinner time and menu are up to you! We’ll provide hosts with helpful Shabbat meal tips and supplies. Microgrants for hosts are available upon request.

Guests will be able to enjoy a lovely evening in a fellow member’s home, no cooking or cleaning required. Guests are asked to pay $5 per person.

RSVP: To sign up as a host or a guest please click here. If you have any questions please contact Dina at dina@templejeremiah.org or 847.441.5760. We cannot accept reservations after Aug. 25, 2017.


Shabbat Across Jeremiah Frequently Asked Questions

For Hosts | For Guests |

What is this event all about?

For the second year in a row we will gather as neighbors, friends, and temple members in small groups across the North Shore. The cornerstone of Shabbat Across Jeremiah is to introduce Temple Jeremiah congregants to each other over the special meal of Shabbat dinner. Whether you commemorate Shabbat every week or never have, everyone is welcome to take part in this special evening of community.

When is this happening?

This event will take place on Friday evening, September 8, 2017.

Is this event at Temple Jeremiah?

No – Shabbat Across Jeremiah will be held in host homes around the North Shore. Sign up to be a host and you won’t have a very long commute at all. Sign up to be a guest and feel free to indicate what areas you are happy to travel to.

Will there be services that night?

Yes, we will be hosting regular 6:30 p.m. Kabbalat Shabbat Worship that evening at Jeremiah. We imagine that many of our hosts and guests will not be able to attend services AND their dinners, but if you’d like to attend both please indicate so on the form or let Dina know (dina@templejeremiah.org) and we will do our best to create a dinner that accommodates service-goers’ schedules.

Won’t it be sad to miss services that night?

Never fear – Rabbi Heaps will be writing words of Torah that our hosts will share at each dinner. We will all be celebrating Shabbat as a community, spread out throughout the area.

What’s special about Shabbat dinner?

Shabbat dinner is traditionally a time for families and friends to share a special meal together, beginning with the Jewish rituals of lighting Shabbat candles, drinking wine or grape juice, and eating challah. Each family may have customs or favorite foods they have served for generations, like matzah ball soup and chicken, but any meal on Friday night can be a special Shabbat experience thanks to great company.

When is the deadline for signing up?

You must register by August 25, 2017 to allow our hosts enough time to prepare.

How do I sign up as a host OR a guest?

Please sign up here or contact Dina at 847.441.5760 or dina@templejeremiah.org.



I’ve never hosted a Shabbat dinner before. Can I still host?

Absolutely! We will provide you with a “Shabbat Kit” in advance of the event containing a challah, candles, a prayer card, and words of Torah from Rabbi Heaps. We’ll help you through any questions you have.

Can I choose my own menu?

Yes, you can serve anything you’d like. We mentioned some traditional Shabbat foods but please feel free to serve anything you like- mac and cheese, BBQ burgers, Chinese food, or your favorite dish would all work great. We will do our best to collect information about allergies and food preferences but we recommend reaching out to the guests who will be coming to your home directly to ask about allergies and dietary preferences. You will be sent the attendance list, complete with contact information, a week before the event.

Can I choose my own start time?

Yes, dinner can start anytime you’d like, whether you like to eat at 5:00 p.m. or 8:00 p.m.

What is my responsibility as a host?

As a host, you are responsible for creating a welcoming environment. Guests may not know anyone in attendance, but they are excited to participate in Shabbat Across Jeremiah. We ask that you communicate with your guests about a week in advance of the dinner to talk about allergies, directions, parking, and dinner time. You will be in charge of cooking (or catering!) a meal, and we’d love for you to bring a little flavor of Shabbat by lighting candles, drinking wine or grape juice, and reading a few short prayers. Lastly, we would love all hosts to arrange a photo of the group – that means get a tripod, ask a neighbor, or take a selfie!

I’d love to host but I’m not sure I can afford it.

You don’t have to serve the world’s most expensive food … you can keep it simple with something like lasagna, salad, and cookies. Additionally, microgrants for hosts are available from Temple Jeremiah – contact Dina at dina@templejeremiah.org or 847.441.5760 for more information.

When will I receive the names of my guests?

You’ll receive the names of your guests a little over a week in advance of the event.

I have a small dining room but I’d love to host a small group – can I do this?

Yes, you can host as big or as small a group as you’d like. We prefer if you can host at least 4 people but just let us know what you can do.

Can I choose who I host?

Sure, if you have some specific friends or neighbors who you’d love to have over, just let us know. If not, we look forward to introducing you to new people at this unique event.

My neighbor/cousin/friend/mother/co-worker and I would love to co-host. Is that an option?

Sure, co-hosting is a great way to make the dinner more fun and more affordable. Maybe one of you will cook the food and the other one will host it in their house – the possibilities are endless and we’re happy to guide you through it.



How much does it cost to be a guest?

We are asking for $5 per person to attend. This will offset some of the costs of the program.

Who will I be placed with for dinner?

We will do our best to place you with people with whom we think you’ll click. When you register, let us know if you want to be paired with members from your neighborhood, your age demographic, or who share some interests.

What time is the dinner?

The time of dinner will be up to the host. Your dinner host will be in touch with you a little over a week before the event to confirm the time. If you have a time preference please indicate it on the form and we will accommodate.

I have food allergies or dietary restrictions. Who do I tell about this?

Please mention your allergies on the form. Additionally, your host will contact you about a week before the event to ask about allergies and provide other event details.

I forgot, where do I RSVP?

Fill out the form here. If you have any questions email Dina@templejeremiah.org.

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