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School Parking & Traffic Information

In order to avoid the possibility of children being injured or rear-end collisions, NO CHILDREN ARE TO BE PICKED UP OR DROPPED OFF ON HAPP ROAD. DO NOT USE THE CIRCLE DRIVE, AS IT IS NEEDED FOR EMERGENCIES.
Traffic guards are on duty during school hours to protect our children.

• If you want to car pool and remain in your car – Use the South Lot for entering and exiting. As cars enter, they will circle around the perimeter of the lot, lining up next to the sidewalk at the new school entrance.

• If you want to park your car and come into the temple – Use the North Lot so you can enter and exit easily and avoid being blocked in a space by the car pool line.

Once school begins, our parking and carpool guidelines go into effect. THIS INFORMATION IS APPLICABLE FOR ALL CONGREGANTS.

PLEASE – DO NOT drop off or pick up your children in the front circle drive or in the north lot. It is difficult when parents tell children to meet in the north lot after school and we tell them the exact opposite. You have two choices:
A. Carpool in the south lot or B. Park in the north lot and come into the building to drop off or pick up your children. Please use the parking spaces and do not block the driveway opening, handicap spaces or walkway.
3. To avoid a back-up on Happ Road, we often direct cars to form two lines in the south lot. Those two lines merge as people take turns forming one line on approach to the sidewalk.

Here is the system at the sidewalk:
A. Cars move forward as much as possible and stop.

B. Children enter the cars on the passenger side ONLY. Once all children are safely in your car, you should carefully pull out of line and leave the lot.

C. We do not allow children to run to cars that are not along the sidewalk or too far back in line. Loading cars far back in line keeps traffic from moving forward.

If everyone cooperates with this plan, all children are safely on their way in seven minutes. As you can imagine, if one driver does not follow these guidelines, it can create real havoc. Let’s work together for the safety of our cherished children and the sanity of you, our treasured parents.

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