Temple Jeremiah

Chants of a Lifetime

Below are a list of prayers that we’re learning in Hebrew School. Click on each of the links below to listen to the prayers — you can also download these files to your computer or iPod by right clicking and pressing “save as.” If you have any questions please contact the temple office at 847.441.5760.

For B’nai Mitzvah recordings by Cantor Friedman, please click here.

Aleph Bet Gimmel Daled
Aleph-Bet Song Bar’chu Bar’chu Bar’chu
Hinei Mah Tov Bar’chu – Siegel  Bar’chu – Siegel Bar’chu – Siegel 
La’asok B’divrei Torah Yotzer Yotzer Yotzer
Bar’chu Sh’ma  Sh’ma  Sh’ma 
Sh’ma Sh’ma – Friedman  Sh’ma – Friedman Sh’ma – Friedman
Michamocha – Silverman V’ahavta – chanted V’ahavta – chanted  V’ahavta – chanted 
Oseh Shalom Va’havta – read Va’havta – read  V’ahavta – read 
Oseh Shalom – Friedman Michamocha – Freed  Michamocha – Freed Michamocha – Freed 
Shabbat Candle Blessing Michamocha – Silverman  Michamocha – Silverman Michamocha – Silverman
Kiddush Kiddush – chanted  Avot V’imahot Avot V’imahot 
Motzi Kiddush – read  G’vurot  G’vurot 
Shehecheyanu – chanted Blessing before Torah Sim Shalom Kedusha responses 
Ein Keloheinu Blessing after Torah  Kiddush – chanted  Sim Shalom 
Mah Yafeh Ha Yom Hatikvah  Kiddush – read  Eyn Kamocha 
Four Questions  Ein Keloheinu Blessing before Torah Ki Mitziyon 
Adon Olam Blessing after Torah  Sh’ma (Torah Service) 
Four Questions Hatikvah Blessing before Torah 
Ein Keloheinu Blessing after Torah 
Adon Olam V’zot Ha-Torah 
Four Questions Blessing before Haftarah
Blessing after Haftarah
Atz Chayim Hi
Mourner’s Kaddish
Ein Keloheinu
Adon Olam
Shabbat candle blessing
Shabbat Kiddush – chanted
Shabbat Kiddush – read
Birkat HaMazon
Ma’ariv Aravim
Kedusha for evening
Shalom Rav
Four Questions


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