Temple Jeremiah


Jeremiah Gems- Randi Gurian

On my 25th birthday I realized that all of my major life decisions had been made…and I wasn’t at all sure I was happy with them. I had expected to marry young, my friends were getting married, I wasn’t dating anyone. I had a graduate degree and a career, but I wasn’t sure about them, and could only focus on the options now closed to me. I saw the path ahead as scripted and unchangeable. At one point I saw a billboard for a program for high school dropouts and burst into tears. Another road closed…I could no longer choose to be a high school dropout. (My mother’s response was “and is that a bad thing?” I could not clearly articulate why it was…but I knew that it was no longer a choice, and the lack of any choice seemed tragic!)

Looking back it all seems so silly, but it was real then. I’ve had a great career, along a meandering path. I married a wonderful man. I became a parent in a nontraditional fashion. I made wonderful friendships along the way.

I learned that few paths are straight, and that I needed to be open to possibilities. Plans are fine, but the serendipitous moment should be seized and treasured. Joy is internal not external. People matter.

Though I still can’t be a high school dropout, I can’t wait to see what the road ahead offers!

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