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Jeremiah Gems- Mindy Kurtz

It was the blizzard of ’67. The snow was blinding and driving was treacherous! I was 11 years old-in a time before cell phones could provide weather updates or assistance. My mother and I were coming home from shopping and our car got stuck in the middle of Gold Rd. She decided to leave our car in the middle of the street, grab our groceries and proceed to walk home. There was a van also stranded in the street with a frantic mother and very young children and my mother invited her to come home with us. We all walked together holding hands and made it to the warmth and safety of our home. Many hours later after a hot meal and many games, my dad made it home and said snow plows had cleared the way for the family to get back to their car.

All children learn more from observing what their parents do than from what their parents have to say. By watching my parents treat those around them with kindness, respect, and generosity and living up to the expectations they had for me to do the same, I came to the place where I am now. Along the path to today I became a professional volunteer-donating time to help others even when I didn’t have much money to donate. My 3 daughters observed me being PTA president, ORT president, Temple board member and running the Temple Jeremiah Feed the Hungry program for over 25 years.

My daughters saw me lead/teach by example and have grown to be caring adults/mothers who understand that we do not live by ourselves on an island-one person can make a difference in someone’s life. During this holiday season let’s remember that our children are watching and learning from everything we do. Make a commitment as a family to make lunches once a month to feed the hungry, help with backpack blessings, make a dinner for family promise, etc. and treat all people with respect and kindness.

L’Shanah Tovah,

Mindy Kurtz

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