Temple Jeremiah


Jeremiah Gems- Gail Modro

My birthday usually falls around the High Holy Days. I have even had a few birthdays when I had to fast!  These last few birthdays, I have shaken my head when I realized what age I will be and this next one is no exception. There are so many things that I contemplate as my birthday approaches – how did my kids get so old in just a few minutes, why are my knees making that noise, why do I feel the skin on my face when I am inverted during yoga? But, as many times as I struggle with my age, I also relish the wisdom that comes with all the experiences, both happy and sad, that I have had. I realize that I don’t have to spend energy worrying about things that might never happen. I realize that I don’t need to let petty annoyances get to me. I realize that things are not always black and white and that there are always more than two sides to a story. I realize how lucky I am to have a happy marriage, wonderful kids, great friends and to be in good health. So, the next time the arthritis in my big toe is bothering me, I will try to remember that the upcoming birthday number comes with an abundance of gifts too.

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