Temple Jeremiah


Jeremiah Gems- Deb Grossman

Being a rabbi’s daughter, it was really hard to be my own person. When my father became emeritus, I was truly able to explore my own being. I joined the choir, became part of many committees, and engaged the congregation as a true friend, not just a member/rabbi’s daughter.

From being part of a huge community, of which I had no choice, to really enjoying new freedoms on my own,  was very special to me. I never went to Saturday morning services or Torah study before, and now I am a regular. I love it! I am able to get almost anywhere at any time because I have wonderful friends to help me! People at Temple Jeremiah are very accommodating, so nobody should ever feel afraid of asking someone for a ride, or for some help in any area.

As for where will I go from here? Nobody knows the future, but I would just like to continue on being a part of our warm, loving congregation. Being part of a fabulous congregation with two marvelous rabbis, a great cantor, and a great choir director (and thank God for the professional singers in the choir), as well as all of the other people involved in making this synagogue work so well. I plan on making a difference in this wonderful community – Temple Jeremiah is all about family and friends. Temple Jeremiah embraces people who want to join, who have already joined, and we cherish our longstanding members, our friends.

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