Temple Jeremiah

Circles of Giving

In 2010, Temple Jeremiah established Circles of Giving as a way for congregants to help support the temple and its operations.

In 2015, we opened Circles of Giving to congregants and families who contribute $720 or more cumulatively throughout the year, above and beyond their dues. Since then, the list of those who contribute has grown. Every bit helps, and we are tremendously grateful to all those who participate.

Circles of Giving members will be listed in the Covenant and receive additional recognition throughout the year.

The giving levels in our Circles of Giving program are:

          Chai Circle: $720-$1,799
          Tzedek Circle: $1,800-$3,599
          Simcha Circle: $3,600+

For more information, please contact Daniel Glassman, Executive Director, at 847.441.5760 ext. 102 or at daniel@templejeremiah.org.

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