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Collection Boxes


tzedakahboxIn keeping with the spirit of giving that exists in all of us in the Temple Jeremiah family, the Social Action Committee commissioned a series of three large white boxes in the temple lobby. Each of these boxes has been adorned with an original work of art, created by three members of our congregation. Alisa Courtney, Patti Schreibman and Sherri Tracey have each painted their individual interpretation of the spirit of tzedakah and translated their inspiration to the canvases that appear on these boxes. These artists’ works are a tribute to the spirit of giving Temple Jeremiah stands for and hopefully will serve as an inspiration to us all.

Now is the time for all of us to act. As economic times grow harsher, the needs of the less fortunate have never been greater. Sometimes we do not appreciate what we have. The Tzedakah boxes remind us of those in need every time we walk through the doors of temple. Every time you drop your child off for Sunday School, every time you come to temple for a meeting- an adult education class or a Friday night service – bring one item to help those in need and drop it into the box. NEVER ENTER THE TEMPLE EMPTY-HANDED. Bring one can of soup. Bring one box of cereal. Bring one old coat.

The items needed most are FOOD and CLOTHING. The food depositories prefer items that can be dispensed with minimal labor, such as canned fruit, vegetables and meat, and pasta items, such as chili, beef stew and ravioli. The Social Action Committee has arranged for pick-ups by various charitable organizations in Cook and Lake Counties at regular intervals. Clothing must be in re-sale shape, no holes or tears.

Thank you for your generous contributions.

Contact Barb or Stephen Miller with any questions at 847.266.1686 or bmiller54@comcast.net.

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