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CEL Art Show

Temple Jeremiah and the Center for Enriched Living partnered for the first time in April 2017 to present a vibrant art fair showcasing and selling beautiful multimedia works of art created by the Center’s many talented artists throughout their various programs. The Center for Enriched Living (CEL) exists so that people with developmental disabilities can be fully included in the community, achieve personal success, and enjoy a good quality of life. Over 90 pieces of artwork were displayed from 15 individual artists and many group collaborations. Money raised during the event went directly to the artists and their program.

The artists worked on the art all year, and in the spirit of getting proximate with our partners, temple congregant Linda Steinhaus volunteered in working with the artists in the Center’s Tuesday Arts Night program. Everyone involved benefited from the collaborative energy of this event.

There was amazing warmth and energy throughout the event as a constant stream of students, congregants, and members of the community came through to peruse the artwork, talk with attending artists and their families, and purchase the special pieces. High school senior Ben Michel was on hand to photograph the event.

The art was creative, beautiful and now can decorate the homes of our congregants and community. Artist Rachel said, “I loved it when people bought my art. I felt so special that they were going to hang it in their homes.”

We are grateful for Carey Gelfand’s company, Corporate Artworks, who generously donated all of the mattings and framing for the show, enhancing the event even more.

We are proud to partner with the Center and look forward to a continued relationship with this great organization!  Mark your calendar for Sunday, April 28th for the 2019 Art Show. We will need volunteers to help during the event and with set up. 

This year’s Center for Enriched Living Art Show is called “Perspectives.” It’s a collaborative featuring volunteer artists from our community including Temple Jeremiah members, staff and volunteers, our 6th grade religious class, some high school students, and friends of CEL.  All who partner to create truly unique multi-media works of art for our brand-new concept… Perspectives.

Each participant selected an original piece created by a CEL artist that inspired them and created a complementary piece to be displayed together at the show.  Artwork may be a drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, jewelry, pottery, mosaic, photograph, poem, etc.  The only criterion was that it be inspired by the original piece created by a CEL member.  The Perspective was theirs to choose.

Parents, send your kids to religious school with money, and stop by the show to enjoy and shop as well.  Proceeds go to CEL artists and art programs!

CEL is a vibrant community where people with developmental disabilities connect, participate, grow and pursue their passions.

The are looking for volunteers to help with setup on April 25th in the afternoon and at the Art Show itself. For more information about the CEL Art Show or to volunteer, contact Judy Craven at judyabc3@gmail.com or Lori Kash at lorikash12@gmail.com.

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