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Advocacy at Temple Jeremiah is focused on social justice issues and has two primary facets: 1) to educate our congregants and people from other faith-based organizations about social justice issues, and 2) teach people how to communicate their opinions on local, state, and federal programs and legislation to their elected officials.

To date, Temple Jeremiah advocacy efforts have focused on immigration, food insecurity, anti-hunger issues, the criminal justice system, and issues related to individuals with special needs. Other social justice issues are continually monitored for potential involvement by the congregation.

Advocacy Platforms: 

Criminal Justice Platform

  • Justice should be color blind
  • Punishment should be just
  • The ability to get fair, just treatment should not depend on income

To visit our criminal justice page, click here.

Immigration Platform

  • Our nation is stronger when we welcome those of different race, ethnicity, and faith traditions.
  • Our nation will be stronger with clear paths toward citizenship for immigrants.
  • All people within our nation should be treated with dignity and respect.

To visit our immigration page, click here.

Hunger Advocacy Platform

The Temple Jeremiah Advocacy Platform holds that we:

  • Believe no one should go hungry
  • Support access to healthy, fresh, nutritional food for everyone
  • Support and protect food assistance programs
  • Need to eliminate barriers to food access for everyone

To visit our hunger page, click here.

Inclusion Platform

Individuals with special needs should have equal opportunity to participate in all aspects of society. To that end we strive to:

  • Support access to individual housing options within a community
  • Support and protect social services that maintain health and family unity
  • Eliminate barriers to housing and social services

To visit our Inclusion page, click here.



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