Temple Jeremiah

Israel Action Committee (IAC)

Did you know that Temple Jeremiah has an Israel Action Committee (IAC)? Our committee is looking for Temple Jeremiah members who would like to help support our efforts.

The Israel Action Committee’s Mission is to strengthen Temple Jeremiah’s connection to, and support of, Israel through advocacy, education, and cultural events.

Look for some of the following activities in the near future:

*   A night at Temple Jeremiah featuring an Israeli themed film, and, of course, Israeli food.

*   Programs in which we can partner with our Sister Synagogue in Jerusalem- Temple Har-El (http://www.kharel.org.il/en-us/).

*   Bringing new and exciting speakers to Temple Jeremiah to talk about the many ways we can support and advocate for Israel.

Another great way to support Israel is to buy goods MADE IN ISRAEL. Visit https://tinyurl.com/BuyIsraeli for tons of great gift items, along with information on where they can be bought locally.

If you are interested in being involved with the IAC, or would just like to be updated on our activities, we are creating a mailing list- please email Andy Katlin at Miamiis1@aol.com. Or contact IAC Chair, Mark Sulkin, at msulkin@gmail.com.

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