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2018 CEL Art Fair

Another Wonderful Year of the CEL Art Fair!!


Art Fair Co-Chair

Temple Jeremiah and the Center for Enriched Living (CEL) partnered again in a beautiful high-energy art fair showcasing and selling beautiful multi-media pieces of art. 100 works of art were displayed and many of them sold! All proceeds went directly to the artists.

The Center for Enriched living exists so that people with developmental disabilities can be fully included in the community, achieve personal success and enjoy a good quality of life. Students, teachers, congregants, and parents of the artists were once again stunned at the quality and beauty of the art. Artists proudly posed for pictures with congregants and parents. Artist Rachel, told us, “The art show was really, really fun! The people were really nice. We sold a lot of pieces made by other members and myself.”

The artists worked on the art all year, and the spirit of getting proximate with our partners, temple congregants Linda Steinhouse and Shelly Cohen volunteered at the art fair and worked all year with the artists in their class. Everyone involved benefited from the collaborative energy of this event. With a huge grin and eyes lit up, artist Chris said, “I went to the art show and enjoyed looking at the art that others and I made.” Even the artists’ parents were happily surprised at their artists’ talent!

The energy of the morning was amazing! The students and congregants alike have grown to look forward to this event. The art was creative, beautiful, and now can decorate the homes of our congregants and community! Once again, we are grateful for Carey Gelfand’s company, Corporate Artworks, who generously donated all of the mattings and framing for the show, enhancing the event even more.

We are proud to partner with CEL and look forward to a continued relationship with this great organization!

To learn how to get more involved with the CEL Art Fair contact Judy Craven at judyabc3@gmail.com.


Thank You Corporate Artworks!

Corporate Artworks, once again, generously donated the matting for all of the artwork for the Center for Enriched Living Art Fair. Matting gives the artwork a professional touch that allows the art to be seen in an even more enhanced light, which results in more sales, and more pride for the wonderful artists!

Carey Gelfand, a Temple Jeremiah congregant, is the VP New Business Development for Corporate Artworks, and has made this connection that has lasted for years! Corporate Artworks, LTD, as well as its sister company, Health Environment Art Services, is an Arlington Heights, Illinois-based provider of fine art consulting services for the corporate sector, including the healthcare, educational, and hospitality industries. The mission of the firm is to delight clients with art programs that not only work in concert with their culture, goals and mission, but also complement the visual design.

Carey and Corporate Artworks have certainly enhanced this art fair, and we are grateful!



Feeling Warm Inside


CEL and Art Fair Volunteer

While reading through a past issue of The Covenant, I came upon an article regarding an Art Fair hosted at Temple Jeremiah. Volunteers were needed to help hang the show. The artists would be adults of all ages that attend the CEL or, Center for Enriched Living, in Riverwoods.  Not knowing what the CEL was all about, I looked it up online, learning that its members have developmental and physical disabilities. The center offers many different activities for these young adults, one being Art Class. BINGO!!

Having just retired from teaching art for 38 years, 25 of which had been at Westmoor Elementary School in Northbrook, many of our students with disabilities were mainstreamed into my art classes. I loved connecting with the students and getting them to laugh or smile. To them, it wasn’t about the product, it was about the experience. I wanted each student to feel successful, both socially and artistically. But, because I had 20 other children to also develop, I never really had the chance to dive as deeply as I wanted with our special needs students. Now I saw my opportunity.

I contacted Lori Kash and Judy Craven to find out more about the Art Fair and the CEL programs. After learning about some of the history behind the CEL, Lori gave me the names of some contacts so I could get on board with teaching art classes. As a result, I now volunteer on Monday afternoons, teaching the REACH Art Class, and I just love it! I have a different group each week, as the members choose their activities on a daily basis. Some come back every Monday, and others venture in when they want.

We usually do “experiential” or “process” art. This might be painting with shaving cream, bubble wrap, string, or cardboard to name a few. Group projects are always a hit. Some students can work independently, and some need hand over hand assistance. All members make their own color choices. The best part is talking about what we’re doing. How does it make you feel inside? How does it feel on your hands? What shapes do you see? Is it finished? Can you add more? The most important rule is, “There are no mistakes in art.” Just let it go.  We also talk about the Cubs and White Sox and our favorite movies. There is always a member willing to choose our music for the day.

For some of the members it’s about problem solving. For others it’s working in a group and socializing. Some just need to take a risk. The results are masterpieces, every one of them. We put all our work completed from September through March in this year’s Art Fair on April 22nd. Some of the artists came with their parents and were proud to see children and adults purchasing the artwork.

Even though the Art Show is over, I’m still on board at the CEL and hope to volunteer as long as they will have me.

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