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Jeremiah Gems: Where Am I and How Did I Get Here?


The Hebrew month of Elul is a time for renewal and reflection as we prepare ourselves for the High Holy Days. During this time it is traditional to embark on the journey of creating an accounting of one’s soul, a Cheshbon HaNefesh, in order to be fully aware of who we are as we enter into the Jewish new year. This year, Jeremiah Gems we will be asking and answering the question “Where am I and how did I get here?” By filling out this form you will sign up to receive our daily Jeremiah Gems emails. You will receive one email per day for the Hebrew month of Elul, beginning August 23rd and ending September 20th. Questions? Contact Rabbi Rachel.

Participating in Jeremiah Gems gives all of us the opportunity to:

  • Learn from and teach your fellow congregants
  • Get to know the members of our community
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the period of reflection leading up to the High Holy Days

See the 2016 Jeremiah Gems here.

Elul 1- Charles Gurian

Elul 2- Gail Modro

Elul 3- Mindy Kurtz

Elul 4- Bill Brown

Elul 5- Sheila Greenfield

Elul 6- Jill Patano

Elul 7- Babette Sanders

Elul 8- Victoria Weisenberg

Elul 9- Joan Golder

Elul 10- Dina Jacobs Bauwens

Elul 11- Scott Levin

Elul 12- Deb Grossman

Elul 13- Julie Kosarin

Elul 14- Phyllis Burg

Elul 15- David Goroff

Elul 16- Barbara Miller

Elul 17- Fred Kagan

Elul 18- Suzanne Sands

Elul 19- Bill Brown

Elul 20- Stephen Miller

Elul 21- Lia Goldfarb

Elul 22- Jerry Lidsky

Elul 23- Randi Gurian

Elul 24- Avi Greenfield

Elul 25- Sarabeth Salzman

Elul 26- Norma Brown

Elul 27- Lisa Guralnick

Elul 28- Rabbi Rick Jacobs

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