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Jeremiah Gems: How Do You Embody Torah?

Once again, the Hebrew month of Elul and High Holy Days are on our doorstep. For the past four years, our community has enhanced our spiritual preparation with Jeremiah Gems. You may have seen these daily thematic reflections previous years on our website or through an optional daily email. The intention is that each reflection enables our Jeremiah community to reflect on the past year(s) – the ups and downs, twists and turns – and how you are bringing them into the new year of 5779.

This year’s Jeremiah Gems theme is: “How do you embody Torah?

As we spiritually prepare to enter a new Jewish year, we are asking ourselves—and, most importantly we would like your contribution – to reflect on the events, people, places, objects, relationships (and so many other things) that formed you and your relationship to Torah. Torah itself can be defined in a myriad of ways. It can be the scroll that we read on Shabbat and Holidays. It can be a culmination of all Jewish learning and teaching throughout history. It can even be defined by YOU!

This year, our Jeremiah Gems will be in video format, rather than written out. You can either send a video that you took on your phone or computer to me (RabbiHeaps@TempleJeremiah.org). Or, you can schedule a “recording session” with either Dina (Dina@TempleJeremiah.org) or myself, and we’ll take care of everything. These submissions are short, only 90 seconds to 2 minutes. Feel free to use that time to let your thoughts flow and lead you naturally to a reflection that is authentic to you. Jeremiah Gems is a wonderful way to connect with new and veteran members of our congregation. This is also an opportunity to help our congregation to connect with the idea of the month of Elul as a time of spiritual preparation for the High Holy Days.

To view Rabbi Cohen’s introduction to this year’s Jeremiah Gems, and a sample of what yours could look like, please click here.

Please email or call me to confirm your willingness to participate in this effort, with any questions you may have, or to brainstorm your answer. And then, we’ll finalize your video submission talking on the theme of “How do you embody Torah?” Please, make sure I have them before August 1st (the month of Elul begins August 12th and continues until Rosh HaShanah on September 9th).

Thank you in advance for joining me in this exciting project!


Rabbi Rachel L. Heaps
Assistant Rabbi
Temple Jeremiah

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