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Temple Jeremiah Congregational Retreat

Come Together—Temple Jeremiah Congregational Retreat

February 15-17, 2019

Oconomowoc, WI


All temple members are welcome, with programming paths for adults, families, teens, and children! Join members of our congregation as we celebrate Shabbat, get to know each other, and learn with one another. From Friday evening through Sunday afternoon we will laugh, eat, sing, pray, study, learn and have fun as a community!



Price per adult: $200. Adults are ages 18 & up.
Children 3rd – 12th Grade staying in the cabins: $100.
Children Kindergarten – 2nd Grade staying with their parents: $135.
Children aged 2 & under are free.

Financial Aid is available. 


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FAQs for Temple Jeremiah Retreat

The Basics

Who should attend the Temple Jeremiah retreat?

Everyone! The theme of this year’s retreat is “Come Together.”  Although Temple Jeremiah has had retreats in the past, this year’s retreat is a complete reboot. Programming and activities will be available for:

  • Adults interested in socializing and studying with other Temple Jeremiah congregants
  • Families with children, especially pre-school age through middle school
  • Fourth graders, with or without their families (see below for more information)
  • Fifth graders and up, without or without their families
  • Teens


When is the retreat?

The retreat will begin on the evening of Friday, February 15 and end after lunch on Sunday, February 17.  This is President’s Day weekend.


Where is the retreat?

The retreat will be held at URJ Olin Sang Ruby Union Institute (OSRUI) in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. It is about 100 miles from temple (just under two hours).


How much does the retreat cost?

The retreat is priced on a per person basis.  Pricing varies based on the age of participants and where participants will be staying.



What is the best way to get to the retreat?

It is easiest to drive. There is lots of easy parking available.


Is transportation available for fourth graders who are attending without their families?

Kids fourth grade and up attending the retreat without their families will be provided transportation either by carpool or bus.


What if there is a snowstorm?

OSRUI is a year-round facility and is equipped to deal with snow. It’s a winter wonderland! If it is impossible to hold the retreat because of weather conditions, the retreat will be cancelled and a refund provided.


Is there anywhere to go after the retreat ends?

Oconomowoc is convenient to Milwaukee, Madison, the Dells, Lake Geneva and Wilmot. Stay and explore Wisconsin for the remainder of the long weekend!


Accommodations & Facilities


Where will I be staying?

Adults and children (2nd Grade and younger) will stay together in lodge-style family housing. Children 3rd Grade and up will stay in cabins, supervised by trained counselors, including teens.  Third Grade and older children may stay with their families in the lodge if they would prefer, at an additional cost.


What are the rooms in the lodge like?

The rooms in the lodge each have two twin beds. Families with children staying with them are invited to bring portable cribs, air mattresses, and/or sleeping bags to accommodate their children in the same room. Cots, adjoining rooms for children, and single rooms for adults attending the retreat by themselves are all available at an additional cost.


What are the bathrooms like?

Each room in the primary lodge has a private bathroom with a shower. Late registrants may be assigned to a second lodge facility with communal bathrooms and showers. Cabins have communal bathrooms and showers in each cabin.


Do I need to bring my own linens and towels?

Linens and towels are provided for participants staying in the lodge.  Children staying in cabins must bring their own bedding and towels.


Are the buildings heated?

All the buildings that we will be using for the retreat are heated and winterized.


Is there WIFI and cell service?

There is both WIFI and cell service.  Service on both can be spotty at times.  Participants of all ages are encouraged to limit their use of phone and other electronic devices during programs.

Meals and Dietary Information

What will the meals be like at the retreat?

All meals will be served family style or buffet style in the dining hall.  Plenty of options are always offered for even the pickiest of eaters. All meals are Kosher style. OSRUI is nut free.  Other dietary restrictions can be accommodated if requested in advance.


Can I bring my own snacks?

Participants are welcome and encouraged to bring snacks to share! Please remember that OSRUI is nut-free.  


Is alcohol permitted at the retreat?

Adult beverages will be served at an adult social event.  All other adult social activities and informal hangout times are BYOB.


Programming and Activities

What will we do at the retreat?

There will be programming and activities for adults, families (including pre-school age children), and school-age children. There will be times when the whole community is together (such as for services and meals) and times when the group will be participating in different activities based on interest or age. Whether you want to study, play sports, learn a new craft, sing, or just schmooze and relax–we are confident that there will be something for everyone!


What is the programming for 4th graders?

The retreat will have special programming dedicated to 4th graders, run by the 4th grade Sunday school teachers. The retreat will actively be part of the 4th grade curriculum. All 4th graders are strongly encouraged to attend, even if their families do not.


What is the supervision for children? Is babysitting available?

When families are not participating in activities together, there will be supervised activities for school-age children. In the evenings, programming will be available for school-age children and adults will be hanging out in common areas of the same lodge facilities where their kids are sleeping. However, if you are looking for a babysitter, we will try to accommodate that.


Can I come and go as I please?

Adults may leave the grounds at any time (we understand the need for a Starbucks run!) and may take their children with them.  Please be mindful of programming and maintaining the community of the retreat, particularly for school-age children.


Additional Logistical Information

What if I have to cancel?

All retreat payments are fully-refundable up through January 15, 2019 less a $50/person cancellation fee. The retreat fee is non-refundable after this date. Cancellations for emergencies will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Can I attend part of the retreat?

Congregants are invited to attend any portion of the retreat that they are able to attend. Unfortunately, it is not possible to prorate payment for the retreat.


What should I bring to the retreat?

Participants will be provided with a packing list prior to the retreat.


What if I require special accommodations?

Temple Jeremiah welcomes congregants of all abilities at the retreat. Please contact Rabbi Rachel to discuss any accommodation that you or your family members may need.


What about Religious School on Sunday, February 17?

There will be no Religious School on Sunday, February 17 for 4th Graders. There will be alternative programming for other grade levels at temple during the regular Sunday school time.  


Is the retreat just for families that attend OSRUI in the summer?

OSRUI is the Reform Jewish camp affiliated with Temple Jeremiah. The facility is open for all Reform temples to use for congregational programming. We understand and respect that many congregants make different choices regarding summer camp experiences. The retreat is not a recruiting event for OSRUI summer camp.

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