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Each week, we will post a few class update highlights and upcoming programs, as well as some pictures from Religious School here. To see even more pictures, please visit our Facebook page.

The 7th Graders are collecting gently used books to be donated to Bernie’s Books. Please join us in this wonderful mitzvah project.

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First Grade

First Graders read the story One Good Deed. In the book there is a child on a street that does “one good deed” for a neighbor, then the neighbor to another and so one.  The “one good deed” turns the neighborhood into a an amazing place to live where everyone is kind and helpful. After reading the story, the children were eager to create their own good deeds.  Many of them may have come home with a box that they want to use to collect items for others.  Your children have amazing hearts that are filled with kindness, I am humbled by their desire to help others! Some collected scarves/mittens, books, games, socks etc. Feel free to fill their boxes and bring them back to religious school, I will be happy to find homes for their collections.

First Graders have also had a chance to “interview” different people around Temple Jeremiah. So far they have met and asked questions of Rabbi Rachel, Naomi Segal, Dr. Anne Lidsky, Juan Carlos (he is the building supervisor), and Dina Bauwens. You should ask them what they have learned from their “interviews,” they have come up with some great questions!

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Second Grade 



Second Graders finished their seder plates and they’re ready to use at your seder.  They also made their own Passover “cheat sheets” to use at aseder.

When we return on April 8th, please send your child with a LARGE BOX to use for a sanctuary diorama. The boxes reams of paper come in are IDEAL for this. If you don’t have access to one of those, please try to find a similar size box for your child to use (maybe at Costco). We will be spending our last few weeks together learning more about the Torah and how and why we dress it, reviewing the different parts of our sanctuary,  and building our own mini-sanctuaries.

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Third Grade

In the last two weeks students have worked on their Torah Projects, enjoyed another fabulous music class, and made STUNNING Yads for their Torahs out of clay, plus learning all about Passover and making Afikomen holders!

Please remember to bring in toilet paper rolls (just the brown part) for the students’ end of the year Torah Projects. We will be collecting them from now until the end of the year! Thank you!

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Fourth Grade

Fourth Graders went on a Scavenger Hunt and learned about the concept of kavanah and prayer. They are also getting time with Rabbi Rachel Heaps who will answer a long list of questions they’re prepared.

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Fifth Grade

Fifth and Seventh Graders continue to build on their relationships with our Israeli partners through terrific video conferencing.

The Fifth Grade year teaches children about Lifecycle events: birth and naming ceremonies, Brit Milah/circumcision, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, Confirmation, marriage, family life, aging/death/mourning. One of the most special programs of the year is the Wedding portion of the 5th Grade Lifecycles program. On March 11th we celebrated when Rabbis Sid and Debbie Helbraun renewed their vows. Students created invitations, the Ketubah, the Chuppah and organized the reception. It was a beautiful event! Please enjoy the photos here.

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Sixth Grade

Don’t forget about the 6th Grade Double Mitzvah Project! There is Wish List of items we are asking you to donate for the project that will culminate with a visit from a Staben House (a shelter for homeless women and their children) representative to talk with the students about homelessness.

In February we had a highly informative and exceedingly inspiration session focused on disabilities, led by Carly Krawetz, a social worker with Keshet, the only nonprofit agency in the U.S. providing schooling and recreational programs for children with disabilities.  The students were engaged in a myriad of very special activities that were simultaneously fun and educational as they learned about the importance of “inclusion” of disabled youth, how to effectively communicate with them, and how to separate myths from facts about what they may have come to hear about children with disabilities.

The 6th Grade class made their very own yads in January! Students were even able to try them out by reading from our Torah scroll, which was completely unrolled across the length of the Slotnick Social Hall.

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Seventh Grade

We hope you enjoyed the session with Tracey Lipsig Kite, LCSW, “Teens and Parenting: a Conversation.”

On Sunday, April 15th, with your permission, your 7th Graders will visit the Illinois Holocaust Museum in Skokie. Look for more detailed information as the time gets closer.

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Eighth Grade

Eight Graders enjoyed a tour of The ARK, learning more about what this great organization does and what services they offer, as well as helping in their food pantry.

April 15th: Breakfast with Rabbi Cohen and Rabbi Heaps

April 22nd: Judaism and Taking Care of the Environment

April 29th: Join us for an Or Tzedek Presentation! It is also the last day of class.

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Ninth and Tenth Grades

April 15th: “Let’s Get Social,” a program and discussion with a speaker from RESPONSE. Through interactive activities and relevant media examples, this program discusses the micro and macro level impact that the internet and social media have on the developing minds of teens. The main goals are to help teens identify when social media and the internet are becoming less of a tool for connection and more of a stressor, or even a danger, in their lives. This program will give teens the resources necessary to navigate social media in a more positive and safe way.

April 22nd: 9th Graders will take a trip to the Northern Illinois Food Bank in Park City, Lake County. We will be asking for some parent volunteers to help provide the transportation. The hours will be different from our usual school session. An email or direct mail will follow as the date gets closer.

May 18th: Confirmation Dinner and Service! More information and invitations will follow as the date gets closer. But mark your calendars for a lovely Friday evening.

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Feed the Hungry

Here is some helpful information when your class helps out with Feed the HungryIn an effort to incorporate Tikkun Olam into your children’s lives, we will occasionally be making lunches with them in the Social Hall during the first Sunday school session (9:00-10:45 a.m.), to be delivered to the church later in the day. They will be given a short, age appropriate explanation of Feed the Hungry before making a small assembly line to make sandwiches and pack lunches.

We are asking for your help in this great effort. Please send your child with enough food for 5 lunches. This includes:

  • 1 loaf of bread (for 2 sandwiches per lunch)
  • 2 slices of lunch meat for each sandwich (any kind of meat is fine)
  • 5 bags of chips
  • 5 pieces of fruit (any kind is fine)
  • 5 baggies with 2 cookies in each.

Due to common allergies, we request that the cookies be brought already in small baggies. Temple Jeremiah will supply the bags for the sandwiches and the brown bags for the lunches.

Children will be making the sandwiches and bagging the lunches themselves so please send the materials above and do not make the lunches yourself. 

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