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College Scholarships

Toddie Gray & Diane Mary Katz Scholarship for Entering College Freshmen

In memory of Toddie Gray and Diane Mary Katz, a College Scholarship is awarded each year to a Temple Jeremiah High School Senior who actively participated in or provided service to the temple or school. Applicants should also meet one or more of the following criteria: academic or other notable achievement, financial need, and service to the community.

To apply, a student who will be entering his or her first year of college this fall should write a letter to Rabbi Cohen telling him about you, your interests and goals, and describing your qualifications for being considered to receive this scholarship.

Rabbi Cohen will review all applications with the Scholarship Committee. The deadline for submitting applications this year is Friday, April 24, 2019. Presentation of the Scholarship will be made at Temple Jeremiah’s Annual Meeting on May 21, 2018. Good luck!

Camp Scholarships

Brotherhood’s Al Brottman OSRUI Scholarship
Temple Jeremiah’s Brotherhood offers a $500 scholarship to attend OSRUI. Anyone enrolled in Religious School is Eligible. Apply by writing a one page essay titled “Why I Want to Go to OSRUI” and sending it to Rusty Colman at warrencolman@gmail.com. Deadline is May 30, 2018.

Jewish Federation
The Jewish Federation offers special scholarship coupons for campers attending a Jewish residential camp for the first time. The program is designed to encourage youngsters to try a Jewish overnight camp for the first time. It reflects a belief that Jewish summer camping is an ideal way to strengthen Jewish identity by immersing campers in a Jewish environment filled with fun, challenges and learning. The hope is that once campers get a taste of Jewish summer camping, they will return summer after summer. For further information, contact the Jewish Federation at 312-444-2904.

One Happy Camper Program
The Foundation for Jewish Camp partners with communities and camps throughout Norh America to offer incentive grants to campers going to a Jewish overnight camp for the first time. For more information, visit their website.

OSRUI Program
The OSRUI Campership Program provides assistance to campers based on financial need. To apply, attach a note to your registration form that includes your name and mailing address and a request for campership forms. For more information, call Susan Alexander at 847-239-6980 or email Susan Alexander (salexander@urj.org)

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