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JeTY’s 2018 Summer Break Trip to Costa Rica


An Amazing Experience
Spend 8 days and 7 nights in beautiful Costa Rica! Live and volunteer in a rural village and work side-by-side with local Costa Ricans on meaningful community service projects. Wake each morning to the sounds of howler monkeys and exotic birds. Spend the late afternoons and evenings relaxing with Costa Rican friends, hiking to a hidden swimming hole, playing games of soccer in the town plaza, and attending local fiestas.

All Jeremiah 8th-11th graders are eligible to come on the trip. This trip is also open to non-members as well if they are friends of a Temple Jeremiah teen. That means you can invite your friends from school to join us! A subsidy toward the cost of the trip for Temple Jeremiah members is generously provided by the InterAct Fund for Youth Programming.

Interest Meeting
You are invited to choose from two interest meetings to find out more information. The first is on Sunday, September 17, 2017 at 1:15pm and the second is on Monday, September 18, 2017 at 6pm. Both meetings will be held in the Youth Lounge. Want to learn more, but can’t make it to the meeting? Contact Naomi Segal at naomi@templejeremiah.org.

 Apply now! If interested, please fill out this form. Contact Naomi@templejeremiah.org or at (847) 441—5760, x 112. Deadline to apply is October 20, 2017.


Hear from Teen Leader Jordana:

Hi, my name is Jordana Bornstein and I am a rising senior at Deerfield High School. My family has been member of Temple Jeremiah for a long time, but it was only recently that I decided to become more involved. To most kids, myself included, after your Bat Mitzvah it seems pretty challenging to find structured ways to remain connected with your synagogue or even Jewish communities. Yet, Temple Jeremiah works to provide really exciting programming and events specifically geared towards this demographic. One of those is next summer’s Costa Rica trip! I am so excited to be coming on this trip as the teen leader, as it will give me the opportunity to better my connection with other Temple Jeremiah members, as well as travel to a country I have always wanted to go to.

I decided to come on this Costa Rica trip to better my relationship with Temple Jeremiah and other congregants my age. I feel that from the time of my Bat Mitzvah, when I was seemingly always thinking about temple, my relationship with my synagogue has fallen astray. By going on such a meaningful and fun trip to a country where I have never been, I will be simultaneously strengthening my relationship with not only Temple Jeremiah, but my Jewish community as a whole. As someone who is getting ready to leave for college in a year, it is important to me to remain intact with my Jewish heritage and community wherever I end up in my future life. By strengthening these connections now, I am preparing myself for a future of Jewish learning and community. I hope that everyone considers attending this incredible trip, and does not hesitate to reach out to me or Naomi with any questions or concerns!

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