Temple Jeremiah


Jeremiah Gems- Phyllis Burg

So many people have had a significant impact on my life. In fact, I’ve noticed that when needed most, help comes. I now rely on that, learned to trust that at just the right moment, if I’m able to tune out the “reacting” and allow myself to experience the quiet within, answers, guidance or whatever I need will appear.

My mom died when I was 23, before my kids were born. I volunteered a lot at my children’s elementary school, became the PTA president and then worked as the principal’s secretary at that same school. I learned to reach out. Some of those teachers significantly impacted my children – helped to shape their lives and also mine, as they helped shape my parenting skills.

Last week I attended the memorial service of Lila Hangey, my children’s 3rd grade teacher. We’d reconnected a few years ago. She was one of my son’s favorite teachers and also mine. By her example, Lila inspired her students to be engaged in helping make this a better world.

When Lila’s son spoke, he mentioned how significant it was for his mom to know and be in touch with one of her students, Daniel Burg, who became a rabbi, and how pleased they were to have me in attendance. It was then that I realized how much we all touch each other’s lives. It is how each of us got to where we are now.

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