Temple Jeremiah


Jeremiah Gems- Jill Patano

Where have I been? In the past year I have been spending more time thinking about what it means to be Jewish for me. I was contemplating my conversion and what it means for me and also my family and friends. I was wondering would I be “Jewish enough”, would I be accepted, would I find meaning in holidays and rituals that weren’t quite my own yet? I have been more introspective about the world and social issues, I have been more aware, I have gotten more upset about injustice and more understanding about where people of all faiths and races are coming from.

Where am I now? Right now I am excited to be identifying as Jewish. I enjoy hearing the music at services (thank you Cantor Adam!), when I never felt inspired or enjoyed the music of my previous religion, I am feeling inspiration to be a part of a religion, culture and community that has such a long history. I am realizing it’s okay to be Jewish in my own way. I am pleasantly surprised to hear others say they are Jewish in their own way too. I am still learning, and I am realizing I will ALWAYS be learning and wrestling with what it means to be Jewish. And I am very happy about that!

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