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Jeremiah Gems- Jerry Lidsky

Where I am…. is not…. who I am.

How I got here…… That is me…… Hineini….I am here .

In our daily lives, owning and taking responsibility for what we say, and what we do, allows us the opportunity to engage and cope with the anxiety created by our impulsive words and misguided deeds.

Because we are free- willed human beings, we bring upon ourselves, at times, embarrassment and shame; embarrassed by what we may have said, ashamed by what we may have done.

When we own our own words and our own deeds, without blaming others, we can, perhaps, become empowered to confront and challenge our own actions. The courage and discipline needed to initiate change, can become overwhelming. Many of us would like help, but the anticipated pain of disclosure is often, too great; we become diminished by our own deeds.

Judaism empathically offers- through study, prayer, ritual, repentance and/or, acts of loving kindness- the power to humble oneself, in the face of one’s fears, anger, resentment, and/or arrogance. The choice to allow spirituality in, becomes a way for us to initiate change.

We have the wisdom of Torah and the guidance of ritual to show us a way, but equally important, is the companionship of our Synagogue family, who come together during these “Days of Awe” in the ritual of “The Service”- a time when we take the control, to manage time, and time is paused, so as not to manage us – a time when we stand up together, to acknowledge our miss-takes, and express collectively our desire to have a second chance, a “do-over”, so that we may be able to return to a place of , “at-one- ment” with ourselves and the world around us.

The spirituality of the “High Holidays” can bring a revelation to our senses. A moment of introspective awe can enable us to change the outcome of the wounds we have inflicted on ourselves as well as the wounds we have delivered to the world. The sacred grace of the service can bring healing, strength and courage to us all.

May the House of Israel be blessed with peace and each of us find contentment and strength in where we have chosen to stand and say, “I am here”.

L’shanah Tova

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