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Jeremiah Gems- Fred Kagan

The question of how did I get here takes me to the question of who am I. The ‘how’ did I get here is a question of what about my past makes me the person I am today, and influences who I will become.

We are always our stories. I remember listening to my mother’s family talk about life in Germany before they escaped in 1936.Their stories became part of who I am today. And my father’s family tell of their journey from Russia to American to avoid the pogroms. Their stories became part of me too.

This week, as I talk to my daughter about my grandson’s first day of school, I remember her first day and the emotions we shared.

I remember, not my first day, but at least some experiences of going to kindergarten. My blue blanket for nap time. I remember Mrs. Miller reminding us to use our inside voices. I remember it was all so big. I remember my friends.

We moved and I changed schools, made new friends and lost some old ones. But I know that each of those early friendships is part of who I am today.

Over the years I have been a student, a teacher, a parent and a child. Lived in different parts of the country, and had a few careers. Discovered some talents and some things that I am not very good at, but the road goes on, and I have realized the part that makes me who I am is the journey itself.

I try to look back at the bumpy parts as well as the smooth parts with equal perspective, and continue to learn who I am becoming, and just some of the possibilities who I can be and where this life journey will take me.

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