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The Parable Of The Music App

I long ago secured my place in the worrier’s Hall of Fame, so it was no surprise that as my daughter and I arrived in New York for a wedding,  I thought about what might go wrong. My phone’s GPS seemed uncertain how to leave LaGuardia. What if it failed completely in remote Long Island? We had rented a Nissan Versa, a minnow of a car. Could it hold its own against rapacious New Yorkers racing to the Hamptons?

Frustration and sadness vied for brain space. Though thrilled to take Miriam on our first “daddy-daughter” trip, I was sad that my husband Jay and son Eli were not along. Eli was performing in his final concerts at Jazz Camp and Jay was with him.

The Versa had a floor jack where I plugged in my phone. At least we would have sufficient charge when we got stranded, I thought.

Suddenly, the car filled with terrific music from a group, Deep Sea Diver, I never heard of. Next came Etana, a Reggae singer. Then a Finnish folktronic band. But how was this happening? And would it drown out the directions I needed? The answer to the latter was no. Periodically, the music would soften and the GPS’ voice would calmly tell me to exit right.

And my music curator was my husband. I had asked him to add a few bands to my phone music app and he added bunches more of his favorites too. Plugging in the phone had engaged the app’s song shuffle feature, something that in my staggering gadget ignorance, I didn’t know about.

Soon, the slog to Stony Brook became instead a time for 20 great songs. And there seemed a lesson here- Sometimes, amidst worries, unexpected little joys will lift your spirit and ease your journey.

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