Temple Jeremiah


Jeremiah Gems- Avi Greenfield

Where have I been? Where am I now?

The events, people, places and relationships that brought me to this moment.

5777 was a momentous year. From the Cubs winning the World Series, to celebrating my daughter Sloan’s Bat Mitzvah, to seeing Hamilton, it was filled with many meaningful and enjoyable moments. I love the opportunity to look back and appreciate the ways I’ve been inspired and things I’ve done to grow and improve my life. This is a continual journey but I appreciate the month of Elul as a time of spiritual renewal in preparation for the upcoming High Holy Days as a chance to see where I am, what might be holding me back, and where I can continue to grow.

This time last year I was beginning my first year on the Board of Directors of Temple Jeremiah. I had realized that while my job offered professional and intellectual growth, I needed more opportunities to do things that are personally meaningful and uplifting in my life. Serving on the board, leading the Youth Committee, and participating on the Assistant Rabbi Search Committee have been rewarding and enriching beyond my expectations.

While our clergy and professional staff are of course amazing, I have found the lay leaders in our community to be real mensches – kind, genuine, positive and fun to be around. They are also remarkable and talented people with tons of energy and expertise that they are eager to contribute generously to make the Temple community so strong. I am so impressed with the dedication and selflessness of so many volunteer leaders as they help us fulfill our mission of Tikkun Olam and authentically living our Jewish values. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to our thriving congregation and look forward to another rewarding and fruitful year to come.

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