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About Brotherhood

broth•er•hood (bruth/r/hood) n.
1. the condition or quality of being a brother or brothers.
2. the quality of being brotherly, fellowship.
3. all those engaged in or sharing a common interest or quality.
4. the belief that all people should act with warmth and equality
toward one another regardless of differences.

Brotherhood’s primary focus lies in three areas – supporting religious events, assisting Social Action initiatives, and planning events that promote fun and fellowship among our members.

Many of the ushers at Saturday morning services, at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, and at High Holy Day services are Brotherhood members. They volunteer their time to ensure that these religious events go smoothly. In addition, we conduct an annual Brotherhood Shabbat service each May. The service highlights the role of males in the Jewish family.

We are also a proud member of the National Federation of Temple Brotherhoods (NFTB), which allows us to financially support religious and social action activities regionally, nationally, and internationally. One NFTB program of note donates books about Judaism to colleges and provides campus speakers who lecture on Judaism – an extremely important activity on campuses where there are no, or very few, Jewish students or faculty members. Every month, Brotherhood provides tzedakah to a worthy organization or individual.

We are planning a broad range of activities designed to appeal to not only Brotherhood members but the entire family. We believe we have a terrific lineup of programs, in which we know you will want to participate. We welcome all men of Temple Jeremiah to support Brotherhood and participate in our activities. We hope to make Brotherhood better than ever. We appreciate your support.

– John Maeglin
Past Brotherhood President


Brotherhood provides a unique opportunity for the men of Temple Jeremiah to express and fulfill their social and service-oriented goals. To get more involved contact Bruce Zimmerman, Brotherhood President, at zimmgold@comcast.net.


Ernie Bloch Memorial Tzedakah Fund

Brotherhood has established a collection fund in memory of long-time member Ernie Bloch. Your generous donations to the Ernie Bloch Tzedakah Box in the temple lobby go to a variety of worthwhile organizations.

The next time you are at temple, please give generously to the Ernie Bloch Tzedakah Box in the lobby. Dedicated to the memory of long-time congregant Ernie Bloch and his lifetime commitment to tzedakah. The box provides donations to an array of charitable causes.

As noted on the box, “…do what is just and right in the land.” – Jeremiah 33:15

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